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Wrapped Hay

Wrapped hay is grass dried to 78-85% D.M. and wrapped in plastic. 

It has a lower nutritional value and is higher in fibre than haylage, and also has less dust than hay.

The main advantage of wrapped hay over traditional hay is that it does not deteriorate if stored correctly, unlike hay which can absorb moisture and become dusty. It can also be stored outside.

Wrapped hay is available in either Premier or Classic ranges:

  • Premier is produced from Italian ryegrass grown on a two-year rotation. It is a high quality, coarse forage.
  • Classic is produced from longer term leys, often with the addition of Timothy. This is a finer forage with higher fibre and lower protein and energy levels.

Wrapped hay is available in 250kg and 120kg packs, and multipacks of 10 conventional bales (all sold by weight).