Equi-Grass - Providing the finest quality forage since 1980.


Producing high quality, consistent hay is as much an art as a science.

Despite all the latest technology available there is no match for experience, and at A.M. Jervis & Son we have both.

A large proportion of our hay is barn dried…

Bale sizes

Our hay, haylage and straw is sold by weight, the following being guidelines only. We produce three pack sizes:

  • 250kg – suitable for four or more horses. Individual sections are sliced by the baler for ease of handling, producing sections weighing approximately 10 kilograms.
  • 120kg – suitable for fewer than four horses
  • Multipack – these consist of 10 (haylage) or 14 (hay) conventional bales in a pack and are the ultimate in ease of handling.

Hay is available in either Premier or Classic ranges:

  • Premier is produced from Italian ryegrass grown on a two-year rotation. It is a high quality, coarse forage.
  • Classic is produced from longer term leys, often with the addition of Timothy. This is a finer forage with higher fibre and lower protein and energy levels.

Hay is available in 250kg and 120kg packs, and multipacks of 10 conventional bales (all sold by weight).